HTC , formerly known as the High Tech Computer Corporation , is a Taiwan based manufacturer of smartphones.

HTC has been around since 1997 and have been involved in making smartphone devices such as the Dopod and the O2 XDA running on the Windows Mobile OS. Whilst these devices helped the Taiwanese gain marketshare in the mobile space, HTC as a brand in itself was a lesser known entity.

HTC began selling devices under the HTC label for approximately 7 years. The devices were mainly running on the Windows OS but in 2008, the Taiwanese manufacturer produced the T-Mobile G1 which was the first handset running on Google’s Android OS. This marked a new phase for the company. Whilst HTC still makes devices running on Windows Mobile OS, the Android  OS has become the mainstay in the company’s device portfolio.

2010 has become an important milestone for the company with the release of the Google Nexus One, a handset branded as Google’s own device which was manufactured by HTC. HTC followed through with slew of top notch Android devices such as the HTC Desire and HTC Legend in their product portfolio. HTC have also scored a first in the United States with the introduction of the first 4G (Wimax) phone , the HTC EVO 4G.

Google Nexus One       HTC Evo 4G

The Android scene in Malaysia was initiated with the HTC Magic and the HTC Hero in 2009.

HTC  Magic   HTC Hero

The Android OS has been gaining momentum and is constantly being updated at a ferocious pace.

The Malaysian mobile device marketplace has become more aware of the Android OS over the past year with major mobile service providers such as Maxis and DIGI introducing Android OS phones in the device portfolios.Android’s more widespread introduction in Malaysia is timely as the current versions of  the Android OS( Version 2.1 and 2.2)  are more complete in terms of functionality in comparison to its first version.

Android is an interesting and highly customizable operating system and is now seen as a genuine alternative to Apple’s iOS running on the iPhone. Whilst the Symbian OS used in Nokia mobile phones is the most common OS used by the Malaysian mobile phone user , the promotional drive for Android over time, may eventually capture the marketshare and mindshare of the Malaysia mobile phone scene.

And trust me, there are some seriously attractive and compelling HTC devices out there running on the Android OS.

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