The iPhone4 antenna issue has been fleshed out in tremendous detail by the press and Steve Jobs (SJ)has given Apple’s official response.

My viewpoint on the matter is probably best given based on a set of questions and answers (Q and As). The concept is simple, I ask the question and I answer them. Whilst this may reflect the lack of initiative on my part to rope in an “external expert” on this matter, I merely request the reader to indulge in my methods of madness.

Q: Is the iPhone4 antenna issue a serious problem?

A: Yes and no. The antenna issue will not seriously affect the phone in daily usage, but this problem is real and users will be aware of the signal attenuation issue and will no doubt put it to the test. This may put prospective buyers off the iPhone4. It was imperative for Steve Jobs to hold that press conference.

Q: Do you the feel Apple’s press conference has quelled the doubts on this issue?

A: SJ clearly laid out figures reflecting the iPhone4’s stellar sales coupled with positive customer satisfaction. Steve Jobs also revealed the stringent environment in which their phones are tested. SJ did not clearly mention that there is an antenna problem. A positive spin on the phone may allay the fears of the general consumer but the tech savvy user will think twice before buying the device.

Q: Did Apple handle the issue well?

A: They handled the issue but they did not do it well. Apple’s response was delayed and they were not honest with the problem at hand. The antenna issue is real and it is somewhat disappointing that Apple overlooked the issue, favouring form over function.

Q: Isn’t the provision of free bumper cases and a full 30-day refund a positive response from Apple to satisfy customers?

A: It is a fair gesture on Apple’s part. The bumper casing does alleviate the problem and the 30-day refund is the proper way of placating dissatisfied customers. This move will not dent Apple’s record breaking profits.

Q: Now, now. There is no need to be caustic on the issue.

A: That’s not a question.

Q: You’re right. Now, SJ demoed similar antenna issues in other phones such as the Blackberry 9700, Droid Eris and the Samsung Omnia II. The iPhone4 is not alone in this issue is it?

A: SJ intended to illustrate that the iPhone4 antenna issue was overblown by demonstrating this issue in other devices.Signal attenuation exists in other phones but Apple’s external antenna design makes the iPhone4 more vulnerable than the other phones. It was an unfair illustration in an attempt to deflect the iPhone4 antenna issue. SJ also went on to say that Nokia devices come with a sticker which says ” Do not touch this” to prevent to signal attenuation.This is a rather preposterous claim.

Q: Could this whole antenna issue be seen as a conspiracy against Apple?

A: No. It is a real issue. Apple is now the envy of the tech industry and whilst the other may grin at Apple’s antenna issue, SJ played rough with the device comparison exercise. This has resulted in some serious responses from Blackberry and Nokia.

Q: Could SJ have done this without the device comparisons?

A: He could have explained the issue as it is. SJ, however, intended to deflect the issue by bringing other devices into the fray.

Q: I guess all’s fair in love and war?

A: That is fair statement disguised as a question.

Q: Thank you.

A: No, thank you.

There endeth the leshun.