At least this is what is perceived by the consumer and tech world in general.

The company that once made top notch devices is now struggling to keep up with Apple and Google. That is the word on the street.

Nokia faithfuls have had their patience tested and it does not help Nokia’s tech credentials when fan sites such as Symbian-Guru decide to call it a day. Symbian-Guru’s final article, I believe, voices the frustration of many Nokia fans out there.

Nokia, in the last year has been concentrating on its Ovi services portal and has been renaming their device line up. They have released devices such as the C5 and C6 to consolidate their position in the mid to lower tier market. They have yet to introduce their flagship N series device, the Nokia N8, which is probably the only device of its calibre to be released from Nokia’s stables this year.

The Nokia N8 is the first phone running on the  Symbianˆ3 OS and the N8 development team are working on fine tuning the device’s OS prior to its release in the 3rd quarter of 2010. The Nokia N97 experience has not been a good one for the company and it is good to know that Nokia is attempting to rectify that impression by working on the finer points of the Nokia N8.

Nokia has also merged their Linux based Maemo platform with Intel’s Linux based Moblin platform to create Meego , an operating system that will grace the creme de la creme of the Nseries mobile phones and tablet devices.

Nokia, is redefining itself and the clear signs of this change may only appear in 2011. The Nokia N8 is certainly a promising device but I fear  that its release may be too late in year to catch up with the iPhone4 fever. Nokia once dismissed the iPhone and it has affected the company’s revenue and tech credentials.

Nokia’s new head of Mobile Solutions, Anssi Vanjoki has made his official mission statement officially announcing Nokia’s fight for the future. Bold words indeed and I believe, Nokia has the capacity to regain its tech credo.

Apple currently has both mindshare and increasing marketshare in the mobile devices sector and Nokia needs to get back into the game.

The fight for the future has begun.