The arrival of new Mac products is usually indicated by shortages of an existing product line.

It rumoured (and likely to be true) that new iMacs, MacPros and Apple Cinema Displays will be introduced today.

The iMac models are mostly using Intel Core Duo CPUs with only one variant of the iMac housing the new Core i chips from Intel. It is likely that the entire iMac line will be replaced with new Core i chips.

The top of the line desktop series, The MacPro is likely to see a change as well. It currently houses Intel’s Quad Core Intel Xeon chip and as to what improvements that particular line of machines would receive remains to be seen.

The wish list from every Mac user would include an HDMI port, Blue ray drive and perhaps the inclusion of USB3 ports.

Apple are notorious for omitting certain hardware features on its machines and perhaps the above list may be too much to expect from them.

All will be revealed.