HTC Desire owners, rejoice!

The high end device from phonemaker HTC is due an update to Android OS version 2.2 , in Europe this weekend. The update will be first rolled out to unlocked handsets followed by locked handsets. TechRadar UK carries more info this news and can be read via this link.

Google names the various versions of the Android OS after desserts and the food object of their choice for version 2.2 is the Frozen Yogurt (Froyo).

This is an important update to the platform and has been reported to bring a host of  improved software and performance updates. The update can be downloaded over the air (OTA) via Wifi or 3G. Given the size of the software, the update is preferably done over WiFi. The existing data on one’s HTC Desire will not be erased(data preservation) with this update.

Amongst the updates to the Desire includes:

  • 720p HD video recording
  • HTC App Share widget
  • An improved multi language keyboard

A review of the Froyo can be read via this link.

This is a clear sign that updates to HTC Desire owners in Asia will come soon. As a matter of fact, the HTC Desire,which is soon to be released in China will come will Android 2.2 on board.

I look forward to this update and I’ll certainly be putting my HTC Desire through the paces with Froyo on board.