The introduction of the iPhone4 came with another announcement- the iOS.

The iOS is the new name of the iPhone operating system(OS). This seemingly innocuous announcement is probably the more important of the two.

When the iTunes software was first introduced in 2000, it was a simple music player which eventually become the proprietary music manager for the original iPod. Upon introduction, the tech industry at large did not see the long term aspirations of Apple and now, iTunes is massive ecosystem which is supports all their devices has become the prime music and media software manager for all Mac and PC users who own an i-device.

The Apple iPhone OS was renamed iOS to encompass the other major i-device that was announced in April, the iPad.The iPad is essentially running the same OS as on the iPhone. The iPad may not have the similar multitasking capabilities as the iPhone4 at present but the all their i-devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad will be using the same OS over time with standardized software updates.

The iOS will, in time become the next OS of their Mac computer line.

There is term called vertical OS which is basically a characteristic which allows the architecture of a particular OS to be adapted to devices from mobile phones to desktop computers.The iOS will not have the similar appearance as it does on the iPhone and iPad but it will probably have plenty of similarities to the devices albeit in a more complex form in the Mac line. The introduction Apple Magic Trackpad is certainly a sign of this. The article on this issue can be read via this link.

This change will not be happening next year but signs of it will come over time.

It makes sense for a company to focus on a single development platform and roll out software updates and applications for variants of the iOS.

The company appears to be focusing more on its mobile products and the iOS and not it’s Mac OS X for its laptop and desktop computers. The Mac OS 10.6(Snow Leopard) is merely an incremental update rather than a decent OS overhaul.

Is this a purposeful oversight in favour of the company’s iOS and i-devices?

Only time will tell.