Research in Motion(RIM) has been the creative force behind the messaging centric Blackberry mobile devices.

The advent and increasing popularity of the iPhone and the rise of the Android based smartphones have increased the competition in the high end smartphone sector. The iPhone has begun to create a significant impact on Blackberry’s dominance in enterprise as more companies make the switch to equipping their staff with iPhones. In  recent post by Engadget, 50 percent of Blackberry users plan to shift to the iPhone and Android devices.

I had covered the RIM’s new version of the Blackberry’s OS in an earlier post and now RIM is in the throes of of unveiling this new OS and a new device called Blackberry 9800.

The Blackberry 9800, courtesy of leaked spy shots, is slider phone with a touchscreen cum underlying QWERTY keyboard. There have been many leaked shots and a video walkthrough of the device. Engadget posted a report on the device with the images and video walkthrough sourced from China based Blackberry Times.

RIM is need of an OS and device refresh and this device may be the first step in a new direction. RIM has also been reported to have aspirations of releasing a tablet device by the end of the year. The OS has a greater emphasis on multimedia consumption and the verdict will be given in due course by the tech blogsout there.

All will be revealed by Wednesday.