Engadget posted an interview with Nokia’s Vice President(VP), Niklas Savander which shed some light on Nokia’s future plans.

The following are my summarized points from the interview:

  • The Nokia N8 will be released in the third quarter of 2010 and will be positioned as a mid tier device
  • A device running on the Meego platform will slated for release in the last quarter of 2010 and will be a ‘milestone device for the company’
  • A consistent and concerted effort is being done at the software end with Qt(pronounced Cute) as the cross platform application framework which will be used for the development of both Symbian and Meego
  • Android will not be used as an OS for its smartphones.
  • Nokia has some clear ideas on its approach in the US market.
  • Nokia’s Booklet 3G laptop was an instructive experience in the marketing in the PC sector for the company. Nokia is still in this market but isn’t actively pursuing it at present.
  • A Nokia tablet device is not likely in the near future.
  • Nokia is not making WiMax enabled devices but will concentrating to LTE (long term evolution) enabled devices.

The complete transcript of the interview can be read at the Engadget’s website via this link.