The tablet computer is the new frontier in mobile computing and 2010 has seen the much awaited Apple launch of their ‘magical device’. I had given my thoughts on the iPad in my first blog post. The iPad isn’t a standalone device that it could have been.

Fortunately for us, other tablet manufacturers are not thinking the same way.

The Interpad is one such device. The device is made by a hitherto unheard of German company, E-Noa.

The Interpad is one of the devices out there way that will utilize graphics and chipset maker NVIDIA’s Tegra chip. The Tegra is a ‘system-on-chip’ design which integrates the central and graphics processor unit (CPU and GPU) together with the system memory controllers into a single package. This chip design prioritizes low power consumption matched with optimal graphics performance in a mobile device.

The Interpad is a 10-inch, capacitative touch screen tablet running on Android OS 2.1 and has 16GB of flash memory on board. Unlike the iPad, this memory is expandable with a microSD card. This device also boasts a mini USB port, a HDMI connector, charging port, a line out/headphone jack and stereo speakers. Now, that’s connectivity!

A higher spec model with a front facing camera, GPS and an Android 2.2 upgrade will appear in an upgraded model.

This device is set to be launched at the IFA 2010, the biggest consumer electronics trade show in Europe.