Qt ( pronounced cute or Q.T) is a cross platform application framework that is widely used in the development of programs that employ Graphic User Interface(GUI). These programs appear as widgets on you computer or smartphone screen. Qt is also used in developing non GUI programs used in console tools and servers. Qt has been around for a good while and has been the backbone of programs such as Google Earth, Skype and VLC media player.

Qt was developed by company called Trolltech which was acquired by Nokia earlier this year.

This seemingly innocuous move by Nokia has some major long term implications.

Qt is now the mainstay development tool for both Symbian and Meego operating systems. Nokia has been hard at work streamlining their application development process and improving the interface of their Ovi application store on their devices. The All About Symbian team have had a brief look at the user interface(UI) of the Ovi store client on the Nokia N8. The latter post can be accessed via this link. The UI looks promising.

Engadget was present at the Nokia developer event in London and a short video recording of a presentation on application the application development was posted and can be viewed via this link.

Nokia has devised a more developer friendly application development process using Qt. More details on the development process and the Software Development Kit(SDK) can be obtained from Forum Nokia.

Forum Nokia is worth a visit for budding and established developers. It is a clear sign that Nokia is making the right moves in the mobile space. Nokia is clearly thinking long term.

Year 2010 so far has been a formative one for Nokia and I think we will see some refreshing changes from the Finnish phone maker towards the end of 2010.