Google+Sony Playstation phone. Now, that’s an interesting thought and something that may sound purely speculative.

However, this something that is pretty real and is in the works.

The good folks at Engadget have, based on reliable sources, have informative on such a device. Sony Ericsson is actively developing this phone which would be a boost to Google’ Android OS gaming credentials. The Apple iPhone with the App store currently rules the roost in the mobile gaming space and the Android devices thus far have not been as successful in the mobile gaming sector. Sony Ericsson is in dire need of turning around their floundering smartphone sales. This device would certainly be a win-win deal for both companies seeking to redefine their images in the gaming and smartphone categories.

Here are the salient features of the purported device:

  • It will be an Android 3.0 device. Yes, Android 3.0 is very soon.
  • The device will take on a PSP Go form factor with the fascia of the phone resembling a Samsung Galaxy S.
  • The screen size will either be a 3.7 inch or a 4.1 inch device.
  • It may have a 5 megapixel camera(finalised).
  • The processor will be 1GHz Snapdragon CPU.
  • It is likely to be released in early October.

The picture above is merely a mockup and sources who have seen the device in the flesh have said that it is a pretty nice thing to behold.

This news sounds extremely promising for gadget and gaming enthusiasts. Watch this space.