Hewlett Packard’s(HP) executive vice president of HP’s Personal Systems Group, Todd Bradley has confirmed a WebOS tablet which will make it’s debut early 2011.

WebOS is a Linux  based OS which was developed by Palm and is currently used in the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. Palm Pre’s hardware was lackluster, but the WebOS was a very advanced OS. In my opinion, it easily bests the Android OS and the Apple iOS in terms of multitasking.

Palm Inc. floundered despite the apparent new lease of life due to several factors, namely poor choice of hardware and a non aggressive world wide marketing strategy. There are many die hard Palm fans out there who waited for the Palm Pre to be released in their neck of woods.Their wait was futile.

HP acquired Palm Inc this year and financial and tech pundits saw this as HP’s interest in Palm’s WebOS. Todd Bradley confirmed the development of a tablet computer with WebOS at the 3rd quarter earnings call. There seems to been an increased interest in HP’s shares and the WebOS tablet could be a contributory factor.

2011 seems to be shaping to be the year of Tablet 2.0.