LG electronics (Lucky Goldstar formerly known as Goldstar) are joining the tablet computer rush with the LG Optimus Tablet due to be released later this year.This tablet will be using the Android OS as its operating system.

LG says that the Optimus is a productivity based device concentrating on content creation. The company’s marketing Vice President has gone on to state that the device will be better than the iPad, which is more focused on media consumption.

This is quite a claim and when claims like these are made on a product, it raises unnecessary expectations and invariably leads to comparison with its said competitor. I recall a certain Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners ( a venture capital firm that cash flowed Palm Inc) stating that the Palm Pre was going to “run rings” around the iPhone. The Palm Pre, unfortunately failed to perform this stunt and Palm Inc. ended up being bought by Hewlett Packard.

Whilst LG is unlikely to suffer Palm’s fate, a guarded press statement may have been a more prudent move.

Then again, with a name like Optimus, it would have been difficult to curb one’s optimism.

Yes, I was waiting all week to make that joke.