The first device to run on Google’s Android OS was the T-mobile G1. Fast forward to 2010 and a device by the name of the G2 is due to be released in the US with the tagline – ” the revolution continues”.

The device is made by the prolific HTC and will be known to the rest of of the world as the HTC Vision which will probably make its debut in September in the UK and appear in Malaysia in October.

The HTC Vision is a hinge slider type mechanism that reveals a full QWERTY keyboard quite similar in layout to the HTC Touch Pro2. Unfortunately, the screen does not a have tilt mechanism as the Touch Pro2.

The HTC G2/ Vision has a set of capacitative Android buttons with what appears to be an optical trackpad. The hardware specifications are similar to the HTC Desire. The G2 could run on standard Android 2.2 and the Vision may have HTC’s Sense UI.

Engadget has the scoop in the G2 and can be seen via this link.