Mark Murphy is quite a popular figure in the Android world. He is the founder of Commonsware and is the author of the Busy Coder’s guide to Android development and other books on application development in the Android world.

Here’s the thing, a coder cannot find a book on Android coding in the shelves of your friendly neighbourhood bookstore. The reason: the ferociously deadly updates in the Android coding language which makers it impossible for publishers to keep up-to-date with the latest in the platform. Imagine buying  an Android coding guide today and throwing it out the window, say, two months later. Android makes codes created last week look like last year.

Mark’s books are handy in this ever changing Android scenario. Subscribe 40 US dollars per year and you get a digital copy of the book packaged with updates.

Indeed, Mark has been working with Android development since its inception and he is somewhat of an independent authority in the Android world.

Mark was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week on invitation by Sage , an IT training company in Malaysia to provide training on Android development. This is under the auspices of MDEC’s (Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia) ICON program.

The ICON( Integrated Content Development Programme) is an initiative which encourages programmers to develop applications of their own for purposes of marketing these apps on the online application stores such as the Apple App Store, Android’s marketplace and Nokia’s OVI store. Think of it as a self empowerment initiative for programmers to go out there and earn their keep. It is hoped that this initiative would reduce unemployment and increases self sufficiency amongst the IT savvy programmers (professional and amateur) out there.

There is an active effort to push local programmers to learn new programming and new skill sets. That’s good to know.