The 3rd and 4th quarter of 2010 is likely to see a appreciable number of tablet computers. One tablet device set to make its appearance just around the corner is the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

The Galaxy Tablet is a 7 inch capacitative touchscreen device and features a 3.2MP camera ,GPS and a built in E-book reader app. It is an Android Tablet and is likely to be released with version 2.2(Froyo) on board. The device is likely to make its debut at the IFA trade show in Germany on the 3rd of September. There have many leaked images of the device and the most recent source is a Chinese website called which carries the a few more images of the device.

The Galaxy Tablet appears to have a proprietary 30 pin dock connector like the iPad and the Dell Streak. The dock connector cable appears similar to the ubiquitous Apple i-device dock connector.  One of the images shows the virtual keyboard layout which appears very similar to the iPhone. Samsung seems to have a very iPhone-esque Touch Wiz UI which is seen on the Samsung Galaxy S. Whilst it is not an unsightly UI, there’s a lack of UI originality. HTC seems to have this department covered with their highly presentable and intuitive Sense UI.

It won’t be long before the Galaxy Tablet is fully revealed.

The images and a brief video of the Galaxy Tablet in the wild are courtesy of an article by Fortune Tech’s Seth Weintraub. Click on this link to read his post.