I had covered the topic of the iOS evolving to become the all encompassing Apple OS of the future. Both OSs share a common code and given the focus on touchscreen gestures within the desktop and laptop environment, this is plausible scenario.

Further evidence has shown this to be a highly likely possibilty. Ars Technica has posted an article on a particular patent that was discovered by a tech website called Patently Apple. This patent filed by Apple cover desktop and laptop devices converting from a standard keyboard UI into a touchscreen centric UI.

The post also states that Mac OS developers feel that Mac OS 10.7 is likely to be a hybrid of the Mac OS and iOS.

The patent application, entitled “Transitioning Between Modes of Input” describes an iMac like being converted to a horizontal orientation by a tilting mechanism. This physical mechanism will trigger a UI change from a standard keyboard entry device to a touch screen centric device. The conversion of applications from Standard to Touch UI isn’t described in this patent but there could be common code within the application which could trigger the UI change.

The convergence is happening and I am sure there is a new device in Cupertino’s top secret development stable which will make its magical and revolutionary debut in time to come.

Click on this link for the post.

Image and original article has been sourced from Ars Technica.