Nokia and Intel further strengthen their partnership in the mobile OS sector with the setting up of a joint research center based at the University of Oulu, Finland.

The research facility, aptly named The Nokia and Intel Joint Innovation center will focus on 3D user interfaces in mobile technology. The likely focus is probably on areas such as 3D interfaces , 3D virtual environments and immersive gaming.

This is definitely a long term initiative as products using these interfaces are not likely to appear in the next year or two. Perhaps, a more realistic expectation is the implementation of 3D interfaces in Intel and Nokia’s MeeGo platform. The research will be done using the MeeGo platform and the Qt application framework will be used in the application development.

The lab will adopt an open philosophy with the MeeGo platform with codes and updates being readily available to the open source community. MeeGo is a direct open source platform competitor to the Android OS. Though the Android OS is an open source platform, Google wields control over the latest codes, sharing them with a specific handset manufacturer on their Open Handset Alliance. This usually takes place when Google is interested in using a specific device to push their platform forward to the next level. HTC was the original equipment manufacturer(OEM) of their choice for the Nexus One and Sony Ericsson is the chosen one for their rumoured Playstation Phone.

Nokia appears to be placing tremendous investment into research and is clearly gearing itself for the long term. A healthy sign indeed.

News source: Engadget and All about MeeGo.