Image source: All About Symbian

Nokia C7 is another Symbian^3 smartphone which is aimed at the mid tier market.

It is tablet form factor smartphone with a 3.5inch capacitative touchscreen and a monoblock design that is departure from the design DNA of the Nokia N8 and E7. It is composed of a mixture of plastic and recycled metal. The phone reminds me of the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone which was very decent smartphone with notably good speakers. There was no mention of the speaker quality of this device but that will be revealed in time.

It has a lower end 8megapixel camera, 8GB of mass storage and lacks a HDMI port as on the N8 and the E7. However, these are minor omissions given the price point of 335 euros(SIM free, without taxes and subsidies). Apart from these omissions, it is otherwise similar to the N8 in terms of specifications.

Those interested in a decent smartphone with high end specs at a good price point will find this phone an attractive buy. Nokia has a potential bestseller here.

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Engadget has posted a hands on video of the C7. Click on this link to see the device in action.