Image source: Engadget

Dell introduced an interested device called the Inspiron Duo last week.

It’s basically a hybrid netbook with a swivel screen which converts it to a tablet device. The device boasts Intel’s new dual core Atom processor and runs Windows 7 home premium.

From the netbook standpoint, it’s pretty standard fare. However, from a tablet standpoint, it is probably most powerful tablet computer in the market at present. Thus, this device can be seen from a dual standpoint (hence the “Duo” monicker). The touchscreen employs Microsoft’s Surface Globe application technology.

At present, the device is concept it is likely to retail by the end of this year.

It will certainly appeal to those seeking a netbook form factor which doubles as a tablet.

The success of this device will be highly dependent on the implementation of the touchscreen interface.

It is, nonetheless, an interesting take on the tablet form factor.

Click on this link to view the post by Engadget which includes images and a video demonstration of the device.