The iPhone4 is coming soon to Malaysia.

Maxis, as expected, is currently the only telco providing the iPhone4 plan.

There are two plans, the iValue plan and the iData plan. The iValue provides a plan comprising calls, SMS and Data. The iData plan merely provides data at varying price points.

The phone, is of course cheaper with a longer contract period and a higher iValue or iData package.

Maxis has always charged a premium for their iPhone contracts and this plan is no exception. DiGi, another mobile service provider tends to provide better packages with their devices.

For those who wish exercise patience, it would be wise to wait for DiGi to include the iPhone4 in their device portfolio. However, if you’re an existing Maxis customer on the threshold for an upgrade or someone who has been pining to covet this device, this maybe a good a time as any.

Malaysians, go forth and purchase!

Details of the device packages can be obtained via this link.