Jobs has often referred to the Apple TV as a hobby.

Apple’s early September reworking of the Apple TV essentially made the device smaller (with slightly larger dimensions than the iPhone), removing the hardrive, placing the Apple A4 chip and providing a HDMI port. Plus, the price is affordable at 99$ / 99 british pounds.

A seemingly innocuous device may be a quiet move in Apple’s global strategy in taking on the established set top boxes.

Well, there is this feature called  Airplay on iTunes which is media streaming facility that streams contents from various sources such as YouTube and Facebook video. Of course, the only devices that can interact with Apple TV are Apple’s i-devices and Macs.

And, the only format that Apple allows for streaming is H.264. H.264 is an open standard for video compression and this codec has used by most web video sources. This move is another block on Flash by Apple.

This move not only facilitates a great uptake of the Apple TV to an already established i-device clientele but pushes forward Apple’s desire to become the primary hardware system in your living room.

Smart play, Airplay.

Click on this link to view the source article from 9 to 5 Mac. A video of Mr.Jobs explaining the “Go to Market” strategy is also there for your viewing pleasure.