DiGi, another major Malaysia telco, is ready to unleash the iPhone4  on the 24th of Spetember 2010.

The pricing plans are all for a period of 24 months. The price of the iPhone4 itself is RM 400 to RM 500 more than the phone price offered by Maxis. However, the monthly are cheaper and provide more call minutes, more texts and more data.

Of note, the subscriber does not charge for additional data after the exceeding the monthly data cap. The data usage is essentially, unlimited. DiGi, I believe is applying a similar data usage model similar to its DiGi SmartPlan package. The first 1GB, 3GB or 5 GB (depending on the iPhone4 plan) will be using DiGi’s 3.5G network. The user, after exceeding their specific data cap, will probably be automatically downgraded to a slower EDGE/2.5G network.

The DiGi iPhone4 plans are clearly better than Maxis and for those interested in going for Apple’s haloed device, DiGi is the way to go. DiGi, is set to give Maxis a run for its money.

Click on this link to find out about DiGi’s iPhone4 plans and promotions.