Image source:Engadget

The comparison of the cameras on board the Nokia N8 and the iPhone4 – let alone the phones themselves- was inevitable.

The Engadget team, have once again done another first by posting images and videos comparing the two devices.

The method of comparison was a simple one – take both cameras(oops!), phones and go on a walkabout around the city (London) and perform snaps and videos of similar scenes.



The images on the N8 are more detailed and natural in comparison to the increased colour saturation and lower resolution of the iPhone4. The iPhone4 by default, uses an algorithm that increases the colour saturation and temperature of the image. iPhone4 images as a result,  look more attractive to the casual observer in comparison to the more natural images produced with the N8.

Engadget has posted compressed images taken with the N8 but they have also included a zip file containing the uncompressed images. The true imaging prowess of the N8 is best demonstrated via these uncompressed shots. It is safe to say that the N8 is good alternative to a simple point and shoot camera. Nokia has done a good job in this department.


The videos on the N8 are better but not light years better than the iPhone4. The images are crisper and thanks to the larger sensor.

The audio capture of the comparative shots were done with the Nokia N8 and it is clear (no pun intended) that the N8 has superior audio capture in comparison the iPhone4. The N8 employs stereo recording with one microphone employed in reducing background noise.

The N8 can function as a stand alone video recording device and in the hands of an expert, is capable of producing some astonishing results.

It is sobering to note that despite the N8 being a better camera, the iPhone4 takes pretty decent images and video given its lower resolution and smaller sensor. The iPhone4 is no slouch but the N8 bests Apple’s haloed device in this department.

Click on this link to view the videos and images.