Many tech readers would be familiar with Walt Mossberg, the creator and senior author on the All Things Digital technology column on the Walt Street Journal. Walt, being an American tech journalist, has a very American centric view of technology and whilst it suits the American public, it is a somewhat narrow world view of things. Walt, is also quite an Apple fan and has exclusives on all of Apple’s launches. Steve Jobs, in a keynote back in 2001, had expressed his admiration for the man referring to him as smartest tech journalist in the business and as someone who cares about the same things we(Apple) do.

This post however, is not about Walt Mossberg but a gentleman who goes by the name of Walt Mosspuppet.

Walt Mosspuppet is creation of a Canadian based puppet workshop , Hoggworks studio. He is an immodest, cantankerous old man with a love for liquor, Steve Jobs and the phrase – “Shut up”.

Despite the above description, the man/puppet is entertaining and a hoot to see in action.

Click on this link to see the man mouth his ideas on tech and while you’re at it, do drop a donation to keep his creator employed. Walt is certain to acknowledge your contribution with a “Shut Up!” dedicated to you.