WinAmp, yes, WinAmp. The mp3 player of choice for Windows computers in the late nighties.

I clearly remember sorting my limited mp3 playlist of 10 tracks on WinAmp back in 1999 , skinning the player with the Star Trek LCARS theme .

Blast from the past- the Star Trek LCARS theme for Winamp

Well, the playlist has has considerably increased since then and since moving to the Mac OS, I have not been using WinAmp as my digital music player. The ubiquitous iTunes has taken over that task.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out via Engadget that the beta version Android is available on the Android Marketplace. All it took was quick scan of the QR code which directed me to the application on the Android Marketplace and voila, the program is installed and is running perfectly on my HTC Desire. The application has been running well in the last 15 mins of its installation with no crashes thus far. An encouraging sign.

WinAmp on the HTC Desire

The player is no slouch with the ability of USB and WiFi syncing with your music library on a desktop version of WinAmp.

More details on WinAmp can be found on via this link.

Scan the QR code below, using your Android devices bar code scanner for some WinAmp goodness and yes, it can still kick a Llama’s ass.

Scan QR code