The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been out for around a month with networks already providing the device either via contract or outright purchase. Examples include Carphone Warehouse in the UK and Maxis in Malaysia.

The device has shown plenty of promise as being a credible alternative to the iPad at this point in time. Detailed reviews on the device have been consistent in their opinion – A well made device with good implementation of Android ver. 2.2 (Froyo). However,  inconsistencies in the UI and coupled with the lack of tablet optimization in Android 2.2 does not make this as coherent as a device as the iPad.

Google has officially stated that Froyo is not optimized for tablets but despite this, Android has been utilized by many device makers. Currently, Android is the most prevalent OS in the tablet computing category. Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs had criticized the the current crop of tablets running Android, calling them orphan products and being DOA (dead on arrival) in the market. Whilst this statement maybe part of his classic rants, he has a point. The lack of a coherent Android OS for the tablet form factor at present is the platform’s weak point. Of course, that is all set to change when Google releases Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).

That said, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the Best Android Tablet out there. Samsung has stated that it would support the Galaxy Tab with future Android updates bringing it up to speed to Android 3.0. This gives some peace of mind for the early adopters who have bought the Galaxy Tab, which is a rather pricey device. Such are the perils of early adoption in technology.

For those interested in purchasing an Android based tablet, it is best to exercise restraint and wait for better optimized devices which will surely make an appearance in 2011.

However, if you are thinking of an Android Tablet at this point in time, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Addendum 7th Nov 2010

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