Samsung is hosting an event on the 8th if November 2010 in New York.

Needless to say that it is the unveiling of a new device. The rumour mill has it that this device is likely to be the Nexus Two. Numerous blogposts on the net have talked about a device which is very similar in form factor to the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. Samsung, of course has denied this claim.

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt has gone on record in the middle of this year stating that the purpose of the Nexus One was to push the Android platform forward. The Nexus One was therefore a ‘one off’ device and the company will not be directly involved in making a device of this nature.

Google has been rumoured to be working closely with Sony Ericsson to produce a Playstation Phone to push the gaming aspect of the Android OS. This device was thought to be Nexus Two of sorts as it was deemed to be  a Google Experience device. The purported Samsung device may in fact, be the next key Android experience handset. However, as to whether it is labelled as a Nexus Two is anyone’s guess.

All will be revealed tomorrow.