The Samsung event revealed the already leaked Samsung Continuum, a Verizon exclusive, Android powered device.

It’s Unique Selling Point(USP)- the presence of a smaller, second notification screen.

The other specifications are pretty standard by modern smartphone standards -1GHz Hummingbird processor, 720p camcorder, Android 2.1, 8GB microSD expandable to 32G and 3G Mobile Hotspot.

Samsung is still delaying its Android Froyo update for its Galaxy S and the lack of Froyo on the Continuum is somewhat disappointing.
The second screen, whilst novel, will make it more difficult for owners of this device to see prompt updates to the Android OS. The latter, is highly dependent on Samsung’s commitment in providing regular software updates to its devices.
The rest of the world may see some form of the Continuum but at present, it is a US device only.
Click on this link to view a brief video of the device, courtesy of Engadget.