Image source:Engadget

Now, this is interesting.

Pictures of the purpoted Samsung Nexus S running on the latest version of Android have been leaked on the web.

It has a similar physical appearance to the Samsung Galaxy S apart from the placement of the camera. The major differentiator here would be the OS. The Android OS on the Nexus S would be an untouched, stock version of the OS  from Googleplex. Of course, being part of the Nexus series allows the device to receive prompt OS updates from Google making the device viable in terms of long term ownership(as the Nexus One).

The device is more than likely to come with the Android OS version 2.3 on board (OS 2.3 has been confirmed as Gingerbread and OS 3.0 is likely to be Honeycomb)

Many tech enthusisiasts(including myself) still feel that the Nexus One is the best Android device out there due to the direct and constant software update pathway from Google. Make no mistake, the Google Nexus One and now (possibly) the Nexus S are the chosen ones amongst the myriad of Android devices out there.

The technical specifications of the device are unclear at the moment but it should not be too different from the Galaxy S.

Watch this space.

In the meantime, click on this link to view more images and posts on the Nexus S courtesy of Engadget.