Logicboard has reached its 100th post and what better way to commemorate this milestone other than with a Logicboard App which is available on Nokia’s Ovi Store.

The Logicboard App is an RSS reader which provides the user with the latest updates on Logicboard directly on their Nokia device. This application was easy to create thanks to the Ovi App Wizard which is now in its beta phase. Below is the screenshot of the application.



  1. by: SriGK
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Application for the technology blog Logicboard. The website covers various themes on technology with a more specific focus on mobile operating systems and tablet computing. Each post/article sets out to provide the reader with a one stop information on a particular topic with links to the relevant source websites. Editorials on tech trends also provide the reader with an overview on where the tech industry is going- on both macro and micro levels.


You can download this app on your Nokia device once you set up an account with Nokia’s Ovi Store. Click on this link to access the application page. Otherwise, just enter “Logicboard” in the search bar within the Ovi store.

Thank you for your continued support.