Apple has released an update to its iOS operating system.

The new version (version 4.2) brings the much needed multitasking feature to the iPad. The update also goes to the other iOS devices. The other significant feature is wireless printing(Airprint) which allows iOS devices to link to Airprint ready printers to print without cables(wirelss printing that is). The Airplay wireless streming of music and video has been another feature to grab media attention. The Airplay feature allows streaming of audio and video via your newly purchased Apple TV. Sadly, this feature only works via the latter device which isn’t surprising given Apple’s drive to create a “walled garden” ecosystem.

The biggest revolution and magical( to use Apple’s superlatives in descriving their products)  thing is the multitasking feature on the iPad which was a significant omission upon the release of the device. It now behaves more like a portable tablet/computer. This feature now makes the iPad the most coherently put together tablet in the market right now. All that could change with a slew of strong contenders in 2011. Apple has a good head start and they are likely to up the ante with the iPad2 which has been rumoured for release sometime in April 2011.

For those  thinking of getting the iPad now, the iOS 4.2 update makes the deal more compelling. However, its wise to exercise restraint and wait for the next gen iPad. After all, it is only a matter of months.

For a full review of iOS 4.2 on the iPad, click on this link which will take you Engadget’s website.

Image source:Engadget