Happy New Year!

The past decade has seen a clear shift from desktop to mobile computing and with it, the shift to cloud computing.

2011 will see a further consolidation of this trend. The comsumer electronics show in Las Vegas this month will be an early indication on what is to come for 2011. Apple will introduce the iPad2 in April and the iPhone5 in June. More Android devices of varying specifications will be released this year. Of course, a more tablet friendly Android OS (Honeycomb) will make its debut perhaps as early as this month. RIM will release its Playbook this year. Nokia is likely to introduce its first MeeGo device and make further improvements to the Symbian OS. Microsoft will continue its update on WP7. HP-Palm will release its slew of WebOS based devices.

The above paragraph is a simplified collation of the many expected changes amongst the more significant players in the tech industry.

The new mobile decade begins and Logicboard hopes to cover it all.

Happy 2011!