The Nokia N8 along with the Nokia C7 and C6 have received a relatively major Software Update PR 1.1.

This is a relatively minor update that brings performance improvements to the said devices.

A major inclusion is the capability to edit office documents via Quick Office provided free of charge.

The following is the changelog courtesy of All About Symbian
Web updated to updated to 6.4.166, editing functions now enabled on the N8 (i.e. don’t have to pay to upgrade), improved zooming functions
Adobe Reader updated to 2.5.653

Big update to Nokia Email; performance improved; ‘unread emails’ flag added to homescreen widget; meeting requests can be accepted directly from email invitations; maps integration, which means people can view the meeting location on the map when the address is mentioned in the location field in the invite.

General performance improvements

Dialler now works in landscape mode

Previous performance updates are rolled in and, in the full (Ovi Suite-installed, >100MB) image, there’s the facility to provide a better working starting point than hard resetting a PR 1.0 device

I look forward to reading what the All About Symbian team has to say about the changes.