Paul Thurrott is a news editor at IT Pro and writer of Windows Phone Secrets.

I thought that it would be apt to post his feelings on the very recent Nokia – Microsoft partnership announcement.

He concludes:

This is a win for Microsoft and its new smart phone platform. It picks up a major new collaborative partner, the first (among hardware partners) that will not be competing with Microsoft on the side with Android products. Nokia will contribute software and services to the Windows Phone platform, and dramatically expand the reach of this platform worldwide. This is nothing but a good thing.

Will this change the competitive matrix much with regards to Android and iPhone? Perhaps, perhaps not. But like Elop, I take umbrage at Google VP Vic Gundrota’s “two turkeys” comment. Windows Phone is the most innovative smart phone platform on earth. Hopefully adding Nokia to the mix will only make it better. My guess is that it will.

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