It is that time of the year when Apple revamps its laptop line.

The MacBook Pros are rumoured to have a complete redesign with lighter materials. The latter may be the utilization of Apple’s Liquid Metal patents which it acquired last year. The devices are likely to come equipped with Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors. Another strong likelihood is the end of white MacBook line. The revamped MacBook Air will take over that slot while keeping the MacBook Pro line lean and mean.

The star attraction, however, is not the laptop redesign itself but the application of a fast data cable transfer called Light Peak which was developed by Intel.Apple apparently has given a twist to the connection technology by calling it Thunderbolt. Intel is setting shop for a demo of Light Peak tomorrow.

9 to 5 Mac has posted an image of the purported port on a supposedly new MacBook Pro. Click on this link for more news.

All will be revealed tomorrow.