Image source:Anandtech



Xoom, the first Google Honeycomb (ver. 3.0) has been released and has gone through the Anandtech’s rigorous review.

The following points summarize the review

  • The Xoom is a nicely designed tablet. The screen, though sporting a high resolution has a somewhat subpar contrast ratio for its premium price point.
  • There are some quirks with the charging ports and connection ports.
  • NVDIA’s Tegra 2 platform offers a decent performance grunt and is surprisingly efficient on battery life.
  • The Xoom outperforms the iPad. Of course, a fairer comparison would be with the upcoming iPad2.
  • Honeycomb is a fresh departure from previous versions of the Android OS. Google is serious on honing its Android OS and Honeycomb is great start.
  • Honeycomb is still rough around the edges. Existing non native Android applications are unstable on Honeycomb.

Click on this link for the detailed review.