Apple released its updated MacBook Pros last week.

The rumours and purported specifications sheets have been mostly true. Apple has decided to stay away from USB 3.0 and introduced a new connection physical connection standard, Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt was developed by Intel and its original incarnation was referred to as Light Peak.

The laptop itself has not changed physically. It uses the same unibody design which Apple introduced 3 years ago. There might be a redesign next year but that it always moot when it comes to Apple.

The under the hood changes are pretty significant as Apple has employed Intel’s latest SandyBridge processors and has officially used AMD’s graphics cards, dropping NVIDIA.

Of course, there is no BlueRay drive. Steve Jobs considers the latter as a “bag of hurt”.

The prices, are of course premium. The build quality no doubt remains good but the omission of certain widely used connection standards would lead to most buyers choosing other laptops from other manufacturers which are much cheaper.

The review process of the MacBook Pro is underway and Logicboard will provide the links to these sites.

Visit Apple for more details.