By now, the entire world has heard of the iPad2.

Steve Jobs had taken time off his time off to present the new iteration of the wildly successful tablet.

The device is now thinner, sleeker and sports and front VGA and a rear HD camera. The internal specifications have been improved with a dual core custom Apple A5 processor. Apple however, has been tight lipped about the RAM but that may be revealed when iFixit the device apart.

X ray images of the device have been released and almost 70% of the internal components have been dedicated to housing the battery.

The other highlight is the release of a nice Apple magnetic smart cover which folds neatly to provide allowances in typing with the virtual keyboard.

The iPad2, in my opinion is minor update to the original iPad. It is a more complete product in comparison to the 1st gen iPad.

There is no denying Apple’s marketing genius in effectively putting the word out there on their version of tablet computing. Competitors were getting their act together while iPads were selling like hot cakes.

Apple did just needed to moderately improve the iPad with the confidence of stellar sales. There is no doubt that the iPad2 will sell like hot cakes, setting the stage for a more radical change(we hope) next year.

Reviews, of course will come and Logicboard will post the best of them.