Image Source:Engadget


At the iPad2 launch, Steve Jobs alluded to the iPad defining their 3rd phase of the Post PC Era.




The statement in itself sounds audacious,arrogant and perhaps bordering delusions of grandeur.

However, there is no denying that Apple has redefined certain product categories. There were mp3 players at the time of the iPod’s introduction, there were phones that had top notch specs at the time of the original iPhone and there were most certainly many tablet PCs before the iPad.

Apple has this uncanny ability to absorb existing technology repackage and redefine them into attractive products.

The iPad and now the iPad2 have the lead in the new tablet market with a robust ecosystem. The competitors are coming with some very compelling products running Google’s Android Honeycomb tablet OS. The latter is rough around the edges in comparison to iOS’s completeness.

Time will tell as to how the Post PC era develops.

Note: This post is based on an Engadget editorial which concludes the iPad winning this third Post PC era. It is biased towards Apple but editorials put across a point of view which are always open to comments and counter notions.