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The MacBook pro reviews are out and reviewers have given the high end laptops from Apple positive reviews.

Of course, there are some omissions such as USB 3.0 and Blue Ray drives but that is typically Apple.

Apple is the first manufacturer at this point in time to release laptops with Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors. This is because of the flaw in Intel chipsets used by other manufacturers that had to be recalled. Apple, has apparently used a different batch of chipsets which are free of this flaw.

If money is no object and if you enjoy using a machine that is both beautiful and powerful, the MacBook Pro is the one to get.

I would personally exercise restraint and wait for the offerings from other laptop manufacturers. At least you get to compare the performance and specifications. Of course, none of the other offerings run the MacOS. The latter may prevent the faithful from reverting to Windows as their primary OS.

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