Image source:AnandTech



If you are seeking an unbiased, technical appraisal of the iPad2, look no further than AnandTech.

They have come up with a detailed technical review of the device, briefly touching on points regarding the evolution on tablet computing.

Most of the writers do feel that the iPad/iPad2 is an additional computing product that is dependent on a PC for backup and software update. The processing power of the iPad2, whilst formidable for a device of this class, is still inferior to the raw processing power of a netbook. However, they are interested in the device and see it as an evolutionary step in tablet computing.

The best is yet to come. That said, if you are interested in using the “modern tablet” , it is a decent time to get an iPad2. If you are willing to wait another 12 months to see a significant performance boost in the tablet computing sector, the iPad3 promises to be a more radical upgrade to the original iPad.

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