The Google Nexus S is now officially availaible in Malaysia!

I was somewhat shocked (albeit pleasantly) when I had read the news courtesy of Soya Cincau regarding the availibilty of  Google’s second Nexus device in Malaysia.

This move could be partially due to Google’s official move into Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and could also be due to Google more aggressive  product centrism.

The handset has been released under the Maxis banner and is rather expensive to buy outright(RM2499). There is also a 24 month contract that provides the phone at a relatively acceptable price of Rm1499. These prices will certainly fall with the release of newer handsets. Patience is virtue.

Soya Cincau has hd some playtime with the Nexus and they have posted their initial impressions of the device on their website. Details of the phone’s pricing and contract plans can be accessed via this link.

Source:Soya Cincau