Source: Soya Cincau

Android OS version 2.3.3, or lovingly referred to as Gingerbread is finally coming the HTC Desire.

HTC has been rather busy of late, being more friendly with the developer community, freeing up its bootloader, making it readily available to OS modders. It has been pretty good in pledging Gingerbread support to most of its phones. However, the HTC Desire, released a year ago was not on the list. HTC cited the lack of memory for its updated Sense UI applications. After some degree of effort, HTC officially announced earlier this week that it was not porting Gingerbread to the Desire.

This latter fact literally changed in under 24 hours when HTC officially announced Gingerbread availibility for the Desire. The only caveat here would be the removal of some HTC centric applications to accommodate the rather paltry internal memory space in the Desire.

I do have an issue with HTC Sense, which is now masking the underlying Android UI to a large extent. The latter, is a post for another day.

As for now, I look forward to Gingerbread update next week.