Nokia announced its MeeGo OS based handset, the Nokia N9, at the Nokia Connections meet in Singapore this morning.

The N9 is a beauty to behold with design cues of reminiscent of  the N8, albeit with more polished edges. In fact, at some angles, the N9 looks like a giant iPod Nano.

Specifications include a 3.9 inch AMOLED touchscreen and 8 Megapixel Carl Zeiss autofocus camera. Swtiching between applications is done with a Swipe gesture. This latter feature appears to unique user interface (UI) that Nokia appears to be keen on promoting. And this is quite evident given that Nokia has dedicate a special feature web page for the Nokia N9 called

Existing Nokia services such as the superlative Nokia Maps(formerly known as OVI maps) are part of the package. The calendar, contacts and messaging UIs appear to be a breath of fresh air. That said, the messaging UI follows the already popular word bubble conversations interface ala iOS.

Another interesting thing is the  application iconography. It is similar to Symbian Anna and I think indicates a want of consistency across Nokia’s mobile platforms. Whether they will get to do the same with Windows Phone is something that may be revealed towards  the end of the year.

The Nokia N9 shows tremendous promise and is perhaps a teaser of more exciting things to come from the Finnish giant.

Nokia is getting interesting again.


Update: The specifications have been listed on All About MeeGo and Anandtech.