Mangoes for Sea Ray. Image Source: All About Symbian

The phone makers from Espoo have had a few headline grabbing days in the tech world over the last few days.

The latest piece of news is the leaked images of Nokia’s first Windows Phone handset, codenamed “Sea Ray”.

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop had requested his staff members  to turn off their imaging equipment for his revealed of the “Sea Ray” device. It is a working model which is alive and kicking, running Windows Phone “Mango” as its lifeblood.

Whether it employs Nokia’s swipe UI is something that will be revealed in time. However, I do feel that Nokia will employ this UI as Microsoft appears to have given Nokia a greater degree of freedom to customize Windows Phone. This may not bode well with the other handset partners such as HTC and Samsung. That said, the handsets from these manufacturers are  variants of their existing models as opposed to truly original devices made for the Windows Phone platform. Nokia, in this context, appears to be the torchbearer of innovation for this fledgling platform.

The device is very similar in construct the Nokia N9 and will probably be announced in the later half of 2011, which is anytime between now and the end of the year.

Watch the video for the sneak reveal.