This piece of news has been floating in the tech blogosphere since February.

Symbian OS has been given a support time frame by Nokia. The initial tech buzz was that Symbian will decline beginning 2012. However, in an interview with the Chinese edition of Nokia Conversations, Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO indicated that support for Symbian will continue till 2016.

The devices are far from being discontinued as a few products have been lined up, mainly serving the mid tier segment of the market. Nokia will continue with Windows Phone OS as its primary device platform and will mostly likely stop production of Symbian devices at some point before 2016. The latter point is somewhat hazy as there is no definitive sell by date for Symbian. The time frame could change significantly in response to market pressures.

The development of the Symbian OS has been handed over Accenture to free up Nokia’s main priority at present, which is Windows Phone. MeeGo is still there somewhere as it is a platform that is meant to cause future disruptions(a term used by Elop) in the mobile sphere.

In the meantime, Symbian is still alive and will be taking on new avatars. Gone are the Symbian^3, Symbian^4 nomenclature. Nokia has decided to take on a feminine naming scheme with the future releases of Symbian, the first amongst them being Symbian Anna.

Symbian Anna is supposed to bring some notable under the hood and UI changes. It will arrive July onwards for devices such as the N8,E7, C7 and C6. Devices such as the X7 and E6 will ship with the new software in board.

ZOMitsCJ has posted a video demo of Anna running on the Nokia X7 and it is worth a quick look.

Whether this will aid the sales of Nokia’s Symbian devices remains to be seen.