This day 4 years ago marked the release of the iPhone and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Four years on, Apple has gained momentum with this device and has expanded its dominance as the singular, recognizable and aspirational luxury mobile device.

This device is far from perfect and the 4th iteration of this device is still from perfection. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect mobile device but given Apple’s zeal for superlatives, this device is not as magical as its creators might think.

It is still surprising that after 4 years, there is still no coherent effort at creating a product that matches the iPhone in terms of sheer “wonderment”. The latter is perhaps not inherent in a product but a reaction that is borne from a combination of factors that Apple has achieved.

Whilst other players like Nokia and RIM are in the process of realigning their strategies, Apple is forging ahead with their plans for mobile domination. I exclude Google’s Android from this as it follows a different distribution model and is a story for another day.

Every year has been an event for a new iteration of the iPhone and this September may be no different.

CNET USA has chronicled the device and video reviews of the various iPhone and it is worth a read and watch.

Happy birthday iPhone! You are still the Apple of Steve Jobs eye!