HP announced its first WebOS based tablet, the TouchPad , in February.

HP has finally released the device and it has gone through the all important gadget review process.

The reviews have been decent to good. Whilst WebOS is one of the more advanced mobile OSs out there, the TouchPad as a product somewhat pales in comparison to its inevitable comparison, the iPad2.

The product has many pluses, such as the WebOS operating system which renders well in a tablet environment. That said, there is an incomplete feel to it in comparison to the iPad. Love em’ or hate em’, Apple does have a slick way of putting out a product and making it look complete (contrary to popular belief, there are holes in OS upon release).

HP appears to have done a decent job with its first tablet. Now, what it needs is to promote it well and put it out there to the customer.

These are the reviews of the TouchPad courtesy of  Ars Technica and Engadget.