It has not even been 6 months since the release of the iPad2 and there are already rumblings of the iPad3. The iPhone5 rumours and speculations have been around for a good while now.However, rumours of the iPad3 at this time of year is something of a surprise.

The rumours come from Digitimes, a Taiwan based trade publication which claims that Taiwan based companies have already begun the manufacturing process of the two devices.

The iPhone4 has been for over a year now and Apple has strayed away from the June release schedule. The tech journalists assumed that the February/March time period will be Apple’s iPad release event. Apple has not established a steady release schedule with the iPad as it has with the iPhone. Also, a particular source had mentioned that the iPad2 was a rush job. Whilst the iPad2 does not look like a rush job, it is no doubt an incremental upgrade to maintain Apple’s momentum in the tablet computing sector.

One will have to wait and see how it goes.

Apple, as always will have something up their sleeves.

Source:Digi Times